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Unpaid Toll Tickets? We can Help

Florida has taken an extremely aggressive stance on unpaid toll tickets and toll road violations. Since July 2007, failure to pay a required toll has been a moving violation with stiff fines and serious potential long-term consequences.

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Gone are the days when you could simply plead guilty, pay your fine and walk away. Today, it makes sense to fight your unpaid toll tickets. But don’t try to battle the bureaucracy alone. Contact the attorneys of Finebloom and Haenel, P.A. for experienced legal representation that gets results.

We help clients in Florida and throughout the U.S. with all types of toll violations, including:

Our lawyers work to get the violation dismissed or the penalties reduced.

We represent clients with cited for violations on all Miami-Dade Expressway Authority roadways.

Disputes We can untangle even the most complex cases involving multiple unpaid toll ticket citations.

It is not uncommon for drivers to receive a toll ticket based on inaccurate information. The transponder may not have been working. The driver may have forgotten to register the new license plates. An FDOT employee may have transposed the letters or numbers from the photo of the plate. It happens all the time.

Is your license suspended? Have you been arrested or have another criminal matter? Please click on the link to visit our criminal site.

Just because you are accused of a toll violation doesn’t make you guilty. Contact the lawyers of Finebloom and Haenel, P.A. for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We care about our clients and are committed to getting results.

From offices in Sarasota and Tampa, the attorneys of Finebloom and Haenel, P.A., represent clients in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orange County, Miami-Dade County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, Polk County, Manatee County, south Florida, and throughout the state and nation.

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