Fight Your E-PASS Toll Violations

Have you received an E-PASS toll violation warning letter in error? Do you need help resolving a uniform traffic citation (UTC) dispute?

The attorneys of Finebloom and Haenel, P.A. can help you set the record straight.

E-PASS Toll Violation?
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There are many innocent reasons why you may receive an unpaid toll notice warning letter:

  • The transponder batteries may have died.
  • The transponder may not be working correctly.
  • Your credit card may have expired.
  • You may have changed your license plates and forgot to update your E-PASS records.
  • Someone other than you may have been driving the car and paid the tolls in cash.
  • The transponder may have recorded only your exit from the expressway or only your entry.

We Listen to You

Our lawyers will listen carefully as you explain the situation. Then we take action. After analyzing the problem, we will gather evidence and build a strategy for achieving a positive outcome in your case.

“We’re Get-it-Done Kind of Guys.”
– Attorney David Haenel

Why Not Just Pay the Fine?

Some people think that paying the fines will be the end of it. But the Florida Department of Transportation never forgets. Paying UTCs can result in points on your driver’s license and increased insurance rates. If you have multiple violations, you risk being classified as a habitual offender. You may lose your license for up to five years.

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Don’t take that risk. Contact a criminal defense lawyer at Finebloom and Haenel, P.A. in Sarasota or Tampa, Florida, for a free initial consultation.

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